Hello, I'm Jo.

I've been interested in coding ever since the age of seven, when I first started writing programs in BASIC on my dad's Amiga 500. When my family got our first PC a few years later, the first thing I made with it was my first website. Within a year, I had taught myself HTML and CSS and done two week's work experience with a web design startup where I learned basic Flash and Photoshop. But that was only the beginning.

I'm a front end developer.

In 2017, I was awarded a scholarship at Northcoders, funded by EY's Women. Fast Forward initiative, to train as a JavaScript developer. I learned many new skills in an incredibly short amount of time, and I've continued to learn and grow as a React developer in my first position since graduating. I'm also really excited to be able to return to Northcoders as a tutor this summer, and share what I've learned in the industry so far with new developers.

Jul 2018 - present

LADbible Group

Software Engineer

Rebuilding all company websites, learning deployment technologies, writing for company Medium publication.

React, HTML, CSS, GraphQL, Koa, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Jenkins, BrowserStack

May - Jun 2018


Tutor (Saturdays)

Supporting Northcoders students on the part-time course with front end development.

React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Webpack, HTML, CSS

Aug 2017 - Jul 2018


Front End Developer

Currently under NDA.

React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Storybook, Webpack, Jest, Git, HTML, CSS

May - Aug 2017


Developer Bootcamp

12 weeks of intensive training in JavaScript and programming skills.

JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, SQL, React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Webpack