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What I've been doing lately


These are my latest recommendations on what to read, watch, listen to and play, so that you too can be as cool as I am.

You can always find me online at my proper website, Dented Nerd.

How I made this

  1. Took an old Tumblr theme I made.
  2. Externalised the CSS.
  3. Removed the Tumblr-specific tags from the HTML and CSS files.
  4. Created the other HTML pages and filled them with content.
  5. Added div.mediaWrapper to fit the Youtube videos and Spotify players into the design
  6. Added a jQuery script to change the shape of nav on mouseover/mouseout.
  7. Tweaked the content and added a CSS glow effect to nav links.
  8. Pushed to Github Pages.
  9. Ironed out some bugs in the CSS and jQuery files related to external links.
  10. Added a favicon just because I can :)


His name is Charley.